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Mockup The FE Science

The FE Science

The FE Science and Methodology Explained

This e-book explains how our methodology eliminates bias, quantifies compatibility, and boils recruitment down to pure science.

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Mockup The Ultimate Guide

The Ultimate Guide

Everything You Need to Know in One E-Book

From sourcing to onboarding, we compiled all things recruitment into one e-book.

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Mockup Recruitment 101

Recruitment 101

A Recruiter's Guide to Recruitment

This guide helps you perfect your recruitment process and overcome the challenges that come along with it.

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Mockup Job Description 101

A Job Description Guide

Writing and Designing Great Job Descriptions

We have built a Job Description Guide to help you learn more about writing and designing a compelling job description. 

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Mockup Talent Acqusition 101

Talent Acquisition 101

The Foundation of Your Recruitment Process

From reaching out to passive candidates to building your talent pipeline – our latest guide on talent acquisition offers insight into early-stage practices that you can implement on the road to finding your next hire.

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Mockup Talent Assessment 101

Talent Assessment 101

The Foundation of Your Recruitment Process

This resource dives into test selection, validity, process agility, and best practices to help you achieve flexibility and robustness in every stage of your assessment strategy

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Mockup Culture 101

Company Culture 101

The Driver of Employee Engagement and Inclusion

Learn more about why you shouldn't hire for "cultural fit", as well as how you can audit, assess, and positively influence your company culture moving forward.

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Mockup Onboarding 101

Onboarding 101

The Key to Employee Retention and Satisfaction

From understanding the different onboarding phases, pitfalls, and best practices, our latest e-book breaks down the ins and outs of onboarding with concrete examples, checklists, benchmarks, and more.

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Mockup Candidate Persona Checklist

Candidate Persona Template

A Checklist and Template for Creating Your Candidate Personas

This short guide helps walk you through the steps necessary to get the most out of your personas.

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Mockup Cost-Benefit Analysis

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Visualize the costs and benefits of making a new hire.

This two-page template helps you quickly conduct a cost-benefit analysis to help clarify salary ranges and quantify the ROI of your next hire. 

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Mockup Recruitment Blueprint

Recruitment Blueprint

Map out your recruitment process one step at a time

We have gathered a blueprint to help you establish a process that matches your recruitment goals - one step at a time.

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Mockup Sourcing Email Template

Sourcing Email Template

Ensure consistent, yet personalized outreach

This short email template will help you craft your outreach emails in a way that balances personalization and efficiency. 

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Mockup Nine Box Grid

Nine-Box Grid

Assess internal talent performance and potential

The nine-box grid tool can help you organize your internal assessment by identifying potential talent gaps, training needs, and even potential employees who are at risk of leaving your organization.

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